Reinstalling or Moving (without re-downloading or patching)

Over the weekend I had to replace my main system drive (7 years of reliable service, RIP old buddy).

I followed a hunch and found a way to get LoTRO up and running on a fresh OS install without having to re-download or re-patch.

This will also work if you want to move your LOTRO install to a different path/drive.

  1. Copy your Program Files\Turbine\The Lord of the Rings Online folder to external storage (another drive, a big USB key, burn it to DVD, whatever)
  2. Reinstall your OS
  3. Copy the folder back to wherever you want it (back under Program Files, for example)
  4. In the LoTRO folder, double-click TurbineRegisterGDF.exe. This is a little tool that registers the files LoTRO needs in order to run. (I’ve heard that this may no longer be necessary, but then some people say it is if you want to install a major update… it takes a whole second to run, so why not?)
  5. Double-click the TurbineLauncher.exe. Mine had to download and install some Visual C++ stuff, but that took 5 minutes, at most, and then I was back in the game.
  6. Create a new shortcut to the launcher, wherever you want it (pin it to your task bar, create a desktop shortcut, etc)

Remember to back up your The Lord of the Rings Online folder under My Documents, as well. That has your plugins, ui layouts, skins, screenshots, etc. Copy those files back in after you reinstall your OS and it’ll be like you never left.


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