LoTRO Plugins

My two cents on which plugins are worth having.  Down the road, I might have a guide for setting up and using these plug-ins.  If you want it, let me know and I can expedite the request ;0)

Many of these were reviewed on Casual Stroll to Mordor. Check it out for videos and more discussion.

If you have suggestions for plugins that you can’t live without, drop me a line – I love to play with new toys!

Can’t Live Without Them

These are the plugins that I can no longer imagine playing without. The true winners of the bunch!

  • PluginManager: The Manager plugin is a plugin that manages plugins! Basically, when you load this plugin, it automatically loads your other plugins. You can also use it to quickly turn plugins on and off.  Very simple, but incredibly useful.
  • Buffbars: Buff bars lets you see, without having to mouse over little icons, what effects are active on your character. For example, if you have a wound or poison, you can see its name and the remaining duration. You can also have a little toolbar pop up showing the potion to remove an active condition. So, if you are wounded, a wound pot shows up. You can set a threshold for health and morale, so power and morale pots show up when you drop below that threshold. I’ve found this very useful on all my characters, particularly in instances where I’m already trying to keep track of a lot of information.
  • Tonic Bars: Tonic Bars is a way to create custom, fly-out menu bars. Bars can appear and disappear based on quite a few criteria (whether I’m in combat, when health gets low, and so on), and can have fly-out menus. Incredibly useful for things like travel, pets, mounts, buffs, inventory items, and so on. This has replaced, for me, the travel and pet plug-ins.

Situationally Useful

Some plugins are nice, but not absolute must-haves. For example:

  • Warden Trainer Lite: Select a gambit and the plugin shows you which builders are required to execute that gambit. I’ve found this useful when I’m in a situation where I know I’m going to need a gambit that I otherwise rarely use. This plug-in takes up a lot less screen space than some of the other Warden gambit plug-ins.

Nice…. but quit using

These were decent plugins, but I’ve quit using them. I’ve noted the reason for each of them.

  • Pet Carousel: A little window showing all your combat pets and cosmetic pets. You can scroll through them and select the one you want to summon.  I replaced this with Tonic Bars.
  • Travel: A little window showing travel destinations. Click on the destination to port.  I replaced this with Tonic Bars.

Not my cup of tea

Plugins that are probably right for somebody, but just didn’t suit me.

  • Palantir: A heads-up display around your character, showing your health, power, and other information.  Honestly, this was kind of information overload, and I really didn’t like having so much stuff right in the middle of the screen.  Some of the players in my kinship swear by it, though.

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