Carn Dum and Urugarth

Carn Dum is an area in northern Angmar, and includes two dungeons: Carn Dum (the castle) and Urugarth (city of the orcs), as well as a city of orcs, trolls, wargs, and Angmarim.

Even though they are 15 levels below cap, these dungeons are still run pretty frequently because 1) they’re fun, and 2) items for level 45 class quests drop from bosses in here.

  • Level 45 Class Quest Items: Lists items and where they drop. The numbers and classes are not 100% correct, but it’s a good starting point.

With the introduction of instance join, you no longer need to fight your way to the instances, but it’s still fun to do so. If you are on-level, take some friends. The (non-instance) city of Carn Dum is filled with elites, and a huge troll stands on the path to each instance.

Carn Dum

Carn Dum is the larger of the two instances, and it’s almost a maze.

  • Don’t expect to complete Carn Dum in an hour. It’s a long instance, even if you know every turn, and requires several hours to complete.
  • Carn Dum has raid locks. This means that your group can leave and return later to finish the instance. The locks reset on a set schedule: M/W/F at 6 am Eastern.
  • There are two keys you can pick up in Carn Dum. These keys allow you to bypass parts of the instance that you’ve already completed. So, even if your raid locks have expired, you don’t have to start all the way at the beginning, as long as you’ve picked up the key.
    • The first key (ornate grate key) drops from Barashal, the troll boss high up on scaffolding outside the tower.  This key is required before you can reach the boss with the second key.
    • The second key (iron grate key) drops from Azgoth, a merrevail boss in a cave-ish area in the northwest corner of Carn Dum.
    • Once you have both keys, it’s relatively easy to pop in and get specific quest items.
  • Even with raid locks, some mobs respawn after a while. The bosses, however, will not.

Splitting the instance

You can effectively split this instance into three runs, each between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your group.  By using the keys, you don’t need to worry about when your raid locks reset.

  • Day 1: Get the Ornate Grate Key from Barashal
  • Day 2: Get the Iron Grate Key from Azgoth (including bosses Helchgam and Salvakh)
  • Day 3: Climb to the seat of the Witch King, and slay Mordirith (including bosses Tarlug, Mormoz, Rodakhan, and Gurthul)

Reference Materials

I don’t have any guides written yet for Carn Dum, so while you wait, check out these references:

  • Map of Carn Dum: Brought to you by All Shall Fade. There’s a link at the top of the page to a map, and the numbers on the map correspond to the walk-through further down the page.  Not the easiest guide to read, but the map is a good resource.


Urugarth (Uru to its friends) is a much smaller instance, and the whole thing can be completed in an hour or two.

There is one key in Uru (steel key).

  • The key drops from Gruglok (in the arena).
  • Only one person in the group can pick it up (it’s bind-on-acquire, and you typically roll on it).
  • This key lets you open a door near Lhugrien (the drake) and come out in the courtyard below Lagmas, effectively bypassing all the shrine-burning.

Uru is a pretty straightforward instance, with just a couple of twists.

  • As you fight through the instance, you’ll find altars/shrines (5 total).
    • After killing the mobs in the area, pick up a torch (laying around on the ground) and run up to the altar, which will catch fire.
    • Loiter around for a while – eventually, a handful of trolls will come charging up to you. Kill them.
    • If you don’t wait around for the trolls, they’ll still find you, but you might already be fighting another group, and things can get messy…
    • If you don’t burn the altars, all those trolls that you would fight a few at a time will be waiting for you in a courtyard right before the last boss.  Burning the altars is basically a way to make that fight a bit easier.


I don’t have any guides yet for Urugarth, so check these out:


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