Quick Tip: Getting enemies out of range of AOEs (and keeping them there)

If you run with a group that has a lot of AOE-happy classes (Champions, Wardens, Lore-masters), you’ve probably discovered that crowd control of melee combatants is borderline useless. ┬áBut still, there are enemies that are better taken out of the fight for a while. Here’s a tip for getting them out of range, and out of the fight.

This trick works best if two character work together. The first character needs to have a fear skill (Hunter, Minstrel). The second character needs to have a nice long daze (Lore-master, Burglar).

  1. Fear the troublesome enemy.
  2. Let him run for a bit – the goal is to let him get far enough away that you won’t hit him with AOEs.
  3. Hit him with the daze.

Now he’s dazed, so he’s completely out of the fight, and the daze won’t be broken by your AOEs.