Quick Tip: Queuing Up Skills During Global Cooldown

In Rift, one of the most annoying things for me about the combat system is the global cooldown. If you use the default settings, you have to wait until the global cooldown is complete before you can queue up your next skill. I wanted it to work more like LOTRO, where I can queue up a skill while the previous one is executing.

Turns out, I can!

  1. Go to Settings > Interface > Misc
  2. Change the Skill Queue to “Full”.

There will still be a delay between skills – that’s what the global cooldown is for, after all – but your next skill will start immediately when the global cooldown finishes.


Quick Tip: Oathbreakers + Fellowship Maneuver

We had a group running Hall of Crafting last night, and came across a fantastic combination of skills to kill bosses fast.  This particular combo requires a Captain and a Burglar.

  1. Burglar sneaks up on a boss and starts a Fellowship Maneuver (FM, also called Conjunctions – CJ).
  2. At the same time, the Captain uses Oathbreakers Shame.
  3. Everyone contributes Yellow to the FM.

Oathbreakers Shame increases the incoming damage on the boss by 35%. An all-yellow FM puts a nice big Damage over Time effect on the boss.  Combined, they are devestating. The boss just melts.  It’s a fantastic thing to see.

Of course, this only works on bosses that are not immune to FMs. ;)