Quick Tip: Oathbreakers + Fellowship Maneuver

We had a group running Hall of Crafting last night, and came across a fantastic combination of skills to kill bosses fast.  This particular combo requires a Captain and a Burglar.

  1. Burglar sneaks up on a boss and starts a Fellowship Maneuver (FM, also called Conjunctions – CJ).
  2. At the same time, the Captain uses Oathbreakers Shame.
  3. Everyone contributes Yellow to the FM.

Oathbreakers Shame increases the incoming damage on the boss by 35%. An all-yellow FM puts a nice big Damage over Time effect on the boss.  Combined, they are devestating. The boss just melts.  It’s a fantastic thing to see.

Of course, this only works on bosses that are not immune to FMs. ;)


About Jill
I am a full-time technical writer and enthusiastic photo-junkie who moonlights as a gamer. You can find my photography blog at http://jmenning.wordpress.com, or my game tips and tricks blog at https://kirahsguides.wordpress.com/.

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